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GPO stands behind our product. Upon receipt of your optic, GPO will assess if the item needs to be repaired or replaced. We will contact you shortly thereafter. Repair / replacement times may vary, but we strive for less than 1 week turnaround.

By purchasing your GPO product, you have chosen a quality product that we offer a 10-year warranty on the mechanics and optics and 2 years on the electronic components from the date of purchase under the following conditions:

In the event of defects due to material or manufacturing errors, we assume the material costs for the warranty period. We reserve the right to repair or replace the product or defec­tive component at our discretion.

This warranty does not limit the statutory warranty obligations. In the event of a port­folio change or portfolio adjustment that is associated with the availability of the product, we reserve the right to repair defective products or to replace them with equivalent products. GPO assumes no liability for repairs carried out by a repair workshop or specialist workshop not authorized by GPO, for dama­ge caused by improper use, incorrect use, negligence, accident damage or any other interference with the product by unauthorized persons. The warranty expires if the damage is caused using attachments or accessories that are not approved by GPO. The warranty ­expires in the event of natural hazards such as natural disasters, floods, storms, hail, or fire. The warranty expires in the event of damage from war or combat situations.

In addition, all parts are excluded from the warranty that are subject to natural wear and tear, such as eyecups, shoulder straps, rubber parts, protective caps, batteries, cleaning cloths, etc.

Limitation of liability to the extent permitted by applicable laws, this warranty excludes claims based on indirect, special, penal, accidental, or consequential damage. Further claims are not accepted for damage that has not occurred to the product itself (consequen­tial damage).

The warranty is only valid if the enclosed service and guarantee document has been properly filled in by an authorized specialist dealer on the day of purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, please enclose the comple­ted service and warranty document as well as a copy of the invoice with the product. The serial number of the device and the date of purchase must be visible. You can hand over the product with the necessary documents to your specialist dealer or send it directly to us. When returning to us, we ask you to inform us in advance about the product. Please use the email

Products without or with missing documents cannot be treated as warranted service. In this case we will send you an estimate for the repair approval. Returning a warranty product is free of shipping costs for the customer.

For shipments abroad / non-European countries, the recipient is responsible for the proper import in terms of customs or taxes. The warranty is granted by GPO GmbH, Wildmoos 9, 82266 Inning, Germany. The place of jurisdiction is Munich; German law applies. There are different guarantee periods in selected regions. Please inform yourself based on the respective country. Products purchased in the United States and for warranties on all products purchased in the United States are warranted by GPO USA, 711 Moorfield Park Dr., Ste. C, North Chesterfield, VA 23236. For more information, call 844-MY-BINOS (692-4667).


Binoculars PASSION ED

8x32 | 8x42 | 10x32 | 10x42

Binoculars PASSION HD

8x42 | 10x42 | 8,5x50 | 10x50 | 12,5x50

Binoculars PASSION

8x56 | 10x56

Riflescopes PASSION 6x

1-6x24i | 2,5-15x50i | 2,5-15x56i

Riflescopes PASSION 8x


Riflescope SPECTRA Dot


Riflescopes SPECTRA 4x

2,5-10x44 | 2,5-10x44i | 4-16x44 | 4-16x50i

Riflescopes SPECTRA 5x



Riflescopes SPECTRA 6x

1-6x24i | 1,5-9x32i | 1,5-9x44 | 2-12x44i | 2-12x50i | 3-18x56i

Riflescopes SPECTRA 8x

1-8x24i | 2-16x44i | 2,5-20x50i | 3-24x56i SFP

Laser Rangefinder RANGETRACKER

Laser Rangefinder RANGEGUIDE

Riflescope Tactical 6x


tactical 8x

tactical 8x

Riflescope Tactical 8x


tactical 8x

tactical 8x

Riflescope Tactical 8x

3-24x56i FFP

Riflescope Tactical 6x

4,5-27x50i FFP

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SPECTRA Riflescopes

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