Midlothian, Virginia, January 8, 2017 — GPO, USA, announces its arrival to the North American shooting sports market with a full spectrum of premium binoculars and riflescopes. This company brings unique advantages to the outdoor optical enthusiast with a full portfolio of new, premium products carrying technical and pricing advantages for dealers and consumers alike.
“This is truly a remarkable opportunity to bring a comprehensive optics product line to the American shooting sports enthusiast. This brand will be successful simply because it brings stability, value and creativity to the market,” says Michael Jensen, owner and CEO of GPO, USA. “We are not and will not be another ‘me too’ optics line. What we bring is experience and high feature optics to a very demanding market.”

GPO, USA will be based in Virginia, and will be led by Michael Jensen, who was previously president of Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC. GPO, USA will work in tandem with GPO, GmbH, a Germany-based company led by Richard Schmidt, previously CEO of global Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH in Germany. The 2017 product lines will include 3x zoom 1” riflescopes, 4x zoom 30mm riflescopes, 6x zoom 30mm riflescopes, 6x zoom 34mm riflescopes, 8x zoom 30mm riflescopes and 8x zoom 34mm riflescopes, with standard and illuminated reticles for hunting and tactical markets. Binoculars will consist of 25mm, 32mm, 42mm, 50mm, and 56mm objective diameter models in three price classes (entry premium class, premium class, and super premium class). Additional information on these products will be forthcoming.

“Mike knows this market and knows what consumers and retailers need. Based on his industry experience, I believe he will be very successful building this company.” says Tom Gallagher, former Division Marketing Manager at Cabelas.
“Mike is an avid shooter and an experienced businessman,” says Jason Hornady, vice president of Hornady Manufacturing. “He knows this market and he know optics very, very well. My predictions are that GPO will quickly become significant.”

 All GPO products purchased in the USA include the GPO, USA “Spectacular Lifetime Warranty”.  Full details of this incredible warranty can be found at www.gpo-usa.com.

GPO, USA is proud to contribute a portion of all sales proceeds to the following organizations: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Rifle Association, Wounded Warriors, Safari Club International and the American Birding Association. For additional information on these efforts visit www.gpo-usa.com  or email gpocares@gpo-usa.com


About GPO, USA:

GPO, USA is an American based company that creates and sells premium outdoor sporting optics to avid outdoor enthusiasts who seek high quality premium optics for their sport.  Based in Midlothian Virginia, it is owned and operated by Michael Jensen, an outdoor industry veteran who has successfully assisted in leading numerous premium brands such as Zeiss, Swarovski, Remington and Marlin to benchmark success levels.  GPO, USA works in tandem with GPO, GbmH, a German based company owned and operated by Richard Schmidt, formerly CEO of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, GmbH.  GPO, GmbH is the global owner of the GPO brand.  Together, GPO, USA and GPO, GmbH design, engineer and have produced optics that meet the highest specification in the products price/class segments.  GPO, USA is committed to enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts by bringing premium product with better features at similar prices or similar quality products at better prices.  The GPO, USA based company is unique in the fact that it not only creates premium sporting optics, but it offers one of the best warranty service policies and it publicly supports select organizations that protect conservation, our country and our constitutional rights.  For more information about GPO, USA visit www.gpo-usa.com or email info@gpo-usa.com.